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November 28 2014


What You Should Know About Chatlines

If you are looking for a free phone chat lines numbers because you want to get to know the members of popular sites like chatlineguide.com, questchat, and fonochat, this article is just for you. Basically, chat lines are essentially dating services designed for single people. Such lines let you meet up with a lot of other like minded people in your area. You can go with a local chat line or even a national one. Chat lines are designed for people who may have grown tired of the same old scene at the singles bars. Going to a bar is not exactly the best way to find the people you will really be interested in, anyway. It's hard to really talk in peace when you are in a terribly noisy environment like a bar, but when you are on the phone with a chat line you can actually speak in peace. This allows you to find out pretty quickly whether someone is a potential match for you or not.

You start out with a chat line by creating a personalized greeting. This will be your opportunity to talk about yourself, mentioning your goals, hobbies, and details about the kind of person you are looking for. This personal greeting will be like an introduction to other singles in your area. As a new chatline member, you will have the opportunity to hear the greetings that other local singles have created.

Listen to the different greetings until you find one that you find particularly interesting. When you think you feel a potential spark with someone, you can press "1" to call that person for a one on one live chat. If you are feeling shy and want to just leave a message, you can press "2" to record a message for that certain person. You can leave a really unique message that will make them be so intrigued by you that they will be dying to accept a live chat request very soon.

There are also ways to avoid the people who you find annoying or who you think are just not for you. Press "3" to skip a greeting, or use the "7" button to block someone you don't want to have any contact at all with. You can also put new people on a special "hotlist" by pressing "4." Use "4" again to remove a current hotlist member from the list if you think that you are no longer interested in them. By placing a single on your hotlist, you will also get a special notification when they are online and available to chat.

The world of chatlines is a wide and varied one. Joining a chatline allows you a fantastic way to connect with people who you would have never met otherwise. If you want to learn even more about chatlines, phone chat, singles chatlines, and more, you can check out the the chat line guide on the Web at chatlineguide.

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